Counting Down to a New Year

Regardless of what you think about 2016, we can all agree this has been a year filled with surprises. Major events such as the Brexit vote, the GBP flash crash, and the election of Donald Trump contributed to unprecedented volatility in the currency market.

At end of 2015

  • Thirteen venues were needed to trade for 90% of the FX market; today, it’s 16.
  • Our clients increased the number of volumes they trade on by 40%.

Now that the volume has increased, so have tension points. Not only are we trading in unpredictable markets, but many FX trading teams have limited access to data with increased accountability for insight. Although scary, these challenges make it more important than ever to have a reliable technology partner, access to the fastest systems, and utilize the best products on the market.

To help meet these goals and work collaboratively with our partners, we…

  1. Expanded our coverage, including the addition of EBS Live Ultra, a high-speed feed that will further strengthen the hand of large banks and computer-driven trading firms.
  2. Enhanced our API, making it the fastest in the industry.
  3. Protected our clients by developing Reflector – the first pre-trade risk product on the market.
  4. Launched the first OMS, creating a simple view and effective experience for users.
  5. Created a team dedicated to Site Reliability and enhanced our 24-hour support coverage during trading hours (Sunday 12pm – Friday 8pm ET).
  6. Advanced the industry, with our Executive Chairman, James Sinclair being appointed as a member of the BIS Market Participants Group.
  7. Worked with several partners on exciting projects including, Quod Financial who launched an adaptive FX trading platform, using our API.
  8. Doubled in size as a company, making sure our clients have access to the best talent in the industry.
  9. Supported our client’s data needs through custom requests.
  10. Shared our insights and discussed, FX: Solution emerges for ‘last look’ information leakOTC FX trading becomes ‘exchange-like’ and Rocky road ahead for central clearing in FX.
  11. [Bonus] Won a P&L Foxy – Best in Connectivity. This is a true honor, as this is a client’s choice award.

While we can’t predict what will happen in the markets next year, the one thing we know is we will continue to be a data driven organization that relies on the best technology, and works hard to advance the industry.  Stay tuned as we have more exciting products, content, and events in store. We hope to connect with you in person in 2017.

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