Matching engine algorithms, timeslicing, last-look, credit-screened prices, distance latencies… Test us. We’re here to help.

Unlike equities, FX has no center

FX is the largest peer-to-peer market in the world – that no one knows about.

Lightly regulated, venues can distribute prices in any way they wish, while banks and funds act like pseudo-ECNs which both consume and provide liquidity.

Unlike futures, there is no central credit hub with broker spokes; rather, a group of big banks provides credit intermediation to customers, which includes smaller banks, funds and “prime of prime” brokers.

Our technology helps you instantly add and subtract trading relationships.


Why settle for anything but the best FX trading platform?

There are other vendors offering similar services to ours.
We know.
Make the best choice by asking these questions when evaluating your options:

1. Is your latency as low as MarketFactory’s?

2. Do you publish your latencies real-time like MarketFactory does in their API?

3. Do you connect to all the specific ECN protocols that lend greater trading advantage with better market data (such as Currenex ITCH and EBS Ai XML) the way MarketFactory does?

4. Do you host in all the major FX datacentres: NY4, LD4, DC3, and TY3 as MarketFactory does?

5. Can you provide a hosted server (such as a strategy server) loaded with Windows or Linux and root access, turned over to me within one week like MarketFactory?


6. What is your team’s FX experience? Did any of them help build a major ECN? Do they have a deep understanding of ECN market structure and matching algorithms? You know, like the team at MarketFactory?

7. Do you provide a pre-trade risk management tool that measures Net Open Position (NOP), Daily Settlement Limits (DSL) and other fat-finger checks like MarketFactory?

8. How knowledgeable is your Support Team? Do they truly understand FX like MarketFactory? Can they go into the system and fix issues themselves without escalating and passing the issue from team to team?

9. Are your client parties as good as MarketFactory’s?


Timely Support

Timely Support

It’s a time sensitive business. We provide support when you need it. Our Support Team is here to answer your questions and solve any issues.
Innovative Ideas

Innovative Ideas

Our Support Team knows FX. We’re here to help you navigate the complicated FX world and provide ideas, advice and assistance along the way.
Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Our Support Team is backed by advanced, market-leading technology. We are expert troubleshooters and will get to the bottom of any inquiry.
Clear Communication

Clear Communication

It’s easy to reach us. We’re available by phone and email when you need us.