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Whisperer Venues
Venue Product InstrumentsProtocolConnection TypeFeatures
1EBSAiSpot, NDF'sFIX 5.0Maker/TakerUp to 4x per second, eFixing orders supported
2EBSLive UltraSpotSBECLOB Mkt DataTimesliced data
3EBSDirectSpotFIX 4.4TakerRelationship-based disclosed liquidity
4EBSSelectSpotFIX 4.4TakerECN Pool, can filter counterparties, last look available
5EBSHedge AiSpotFIX 5.0, XMLTaker/Dark PoolNo Market data, Orders Only
6ReutersMatchingSpotMAPI, FIX 5.0 SP2Maker/TakerMF Provides all hosting and low-latency Trans-Atlantic network
7ReutersSBESpotSBECLOB Mkt DataMarket data only
8CurrenexCurrenex_NOWSpotItchCLOB Mkt DataNot timesliced.
9CurrenexFXTradesSpotItchCLOB Mkt DataLow-latency, individual order granularity
10CurrenexFXTradesSpotOuchTakerLow-latency order submission protocol
11CurrenexFXTradesSpotFIX 4.4, FIX 4.2TakerFIX access to FXTrades Platform
12Cboe FXMarket Data, OrdersSpotFIX 4.2TakerTimesliced every 50ms (max 20 updates/sec)
13Cboe FXMarket DataSpotItchCLOB Mkt DataNot timesliced, tick by tick, individual order granularity
14Cboe FXFull AmountSpotFIX 4.2CLOB Mkt Data
15FXAllOrderBookSpotFIX 4.4TakerECN Pool, can filter counterparties, last look available
16FXAllMidBookSpotFIX 4.4, FIX 4.3Taker/Dark PoolDarkpool midpoint match
17FastMatchSpotFIX 4.4, FIX 4.2TakerLondon, New York and Tokyo matching engines
18FXSpotStreamSpot, Fwd, NDF, SwapFIX 4.4TakerMultibank aggregation
19IntegralFXCloudSpotFIX 4.3TakerOffers access to a global realtime network of liquidity providers
20ParFXSpot FXSpotFIX 4.4, FIX 5.0 (SP2)TakerRandomised matching protocol that delivers firm liquidity, high fills and low signal risk.
21PrimeXMSpotFIX 4.4TakerFlexible agg engine providing low latency access to liquidity
22LMAXBroker SpotFIX 4.2Maker/TakerMTF (SEF), no last look
23LMAXInstitutionalSpotFIX 4.2Maker/TakerMTF (SEF), no last look
24LMAXExchangeSpotFIX 4.4Maker/TakerMTF (SEF), no last look
25LMAX Digital Spot FIX 4.2Taker
26360T GTXSpotFIX 4.4Taker360T (formerly Gain Capital) institutional market
27BGCGFISpotFIX 4.4Taker/Dark PoolDarkpool midpoint match
28FXConnectSnapPricerSpotRFQTakerWorkflow for banks and their real money customers
29TP-ICAP FusionFusion FixNDFsFIX 5.0Taker NDF Stream
30CME GroupNYMEXFuturesFIX 4.4, FIX 5.0, MDP 3.0Maker/Takere.g. Crude, WTI
31CME GroupCOMEXFuturesFIX 4.4, FIX 5.0, MDP 3.0Maker/Takere.g. Gold, Silver
32CME GroupCBOTFuturesFIX 4.4, FIX 5.0, MDP 3.0Maker/Takere.g. Treasury 5 year/10 year futures, more
33CME GroupCME EUROPEFuturesFIX 4.4, FIX 5.0, MDP 3.0Maker/TakerLondon based liquidity pool and matching engine
34CME GroupCMEFuturesFIX 4.4, FIX 5.0, MDP 3.0Maker/TakerFX Futures (130+billion daily, single count), S&P futures
35CME Implied LiquidityMarket DataFuturesMDP 3.0CLOB Mkt DataStreamlined trading against additional sources of liquidity
36Edgewater MarketsVision/EdgeSpotFIX 4.2TakerStreaming FX Spot including all major currency pairs, crosses, EM currencies.
38FenicsFXCLOBSpotFIX 4.2Taker
39FastMatch Full Amount SpotFIX 4.4, FIX 4.2Taker
40CürexMarket Data, Bank AlgoSpotFIX 4.4TakerNo Last Look
41FidessaFutures ExchangesFuturesFIX 4.4TakerCertified for LME, ICE EU and ICE US
Venue Product InstrumentsProtocolConnection TypeFeatures
42BAMLSpotFIX 4.4Taker
43BARXGatorSpot, NDFsFIX 4.2Taker
44BNPPeFXSpotFIX 4.4Taker
45CIBCSpotFIX 5.0 SP2Taker
46CitiFX Prime/ VelocitySpotFIX 4.4Taker
47CitiColoSpotFIX 4.4Taker
48CommerzbankCommander eFXSpotFIX 4.4Taker
49Credit SuisseSERSpotFIX 4.2Taker
50Deutsche BankAutobahn RapidSpotFIX 4.4Taker
51Goldman SachsSpotFIX 4.4Taker
52HSBCMDSSpotFIX 4.4Taker
53JPMSpot, FwdsFIX 4.2TakereFixing Supported
54Morgan StanleySpotFIX 4.2Taker
55NomuraSpotFIX 4.4Taker
56RBCSpotFIX 4.4Taker
57RBSSpotFIX 4.4Taker
58Saxo DirectSpotFIX 4.3Taker
59SEBSpotFIX 4.3Taker
60Societe GeneraleSpotFIX 4.4Taker
61StateStreetSpotFIX 4.4Taker
62UBSSpotFIX 4.3Taker
63Standard CharteredESPSpotFIX 4.4Taker
Non-Bank Liquidity Providers
Venue Product InstrumentsProtocolConnection TypeFeatures
64ADSOREXSpotFIX 4.4Taker
65CitadelSpotFIX 4.4Taker
66KCGTSISpotFIX 4.4Taker
67VirtuSpotFIX 4.2Taker
68FarosSpotFIX 4.4, FIX 4.2TakerCurrenex White Label
69ISAMSpotFIX 4.4, FIX 4.2TakerCurrenex White Label
70NewEdgeSpotFIX 4.4, FIX 4.2TakerCurrenex White Label
71XTXEutheniaSpotFIX 4.4Taker
72XenfinSpotFIX 4.4Taker
73JefferiesESPSpotFIX 4.4Taker
Distribution: Market Making Venues
Venue Product InstrumentsProtocolConnection TypeFeatures
74CurrenexSpotFIX 4.4, OuchMaker/Last-Look
75CurrenexFull AmountSpotFIX 4.4Maker/Last-Look
76CurrenexRFSSpot, Fwd, NDF, Swap, NDS, BlockFIX 4.4Maker/Last-LookQuotation Negotiation
77BloombergFX<GO> RFSSpot, Fwd, NDF, Swap, NDSFIX 4.4Maker/Last-LookQuotation Negotiation
78BloombergFX<GO> BatchBlock/BatchFIX 4.4Maker/Last-LookQuotation Negotiation
79BloombergFX<GO> ESPSpot, Fwd, NDFFIX 4.4Maker/Last-LookQuotation Negotiation
80FXAllOrderbookSpotTCPI, FIX 4.3, FIX 4.4Maker/Last-LookStreaming
81FXAllBankStreamSpotTCPI, FIX 4.3, FIX 4.4Maker/Last-LookQuotation Negotiation
82FXAllQuickTradeSpot, Fwd, NDF, Swap, NDS, BlockJavaMaker/Last-LookQuotation Negotiation
83Cboe FXSpotFIX 4.2Maker/Last-Look
84FastMatchSpotFIX 4.2Maker/Last-Look
85IntegralFX GridSpotFIX 4.3Maker/Last-Look
86EBS DirectSpotFIX 4.4Maker/Last-Look
87EBS DirectFull AmountSpotFIX 4.4Maker/Last-Look
88Gain CapitalGTX  MakerSpotFIX 4.4Maker/Last-Look
89360TSupersonic (ESP)SpotFIX 4.4Maker/Last-Look
90360TTEX (RFS)Spot, Fwd, NDF, Swap, NDS, BlockFIX 4.4Maker/Last-LookQuotation Negotiation
Planned Venues
Venue Product InstrumentsProtocolConnection TypeFeatures
91Cboe FXForwards, NDFsFwd, NDFFIX 4.2CLOB Trading
92Cboe FXCentralSpotItch / FIX 4.2CLOB Trading
93LMAXExchangeNDF, Futures, CFDFIX 4.2CLOB Trading / Maker