TradeTech FX Barcelona 2018 Recap

The MarketFactory team just got back from TradeTech FX Barcelona where we spent time with our EMEA based customers and FX participants.

We started with the FX E-Trading Evaluation Day initiative presentation where Al Crane, director of sales, unveiled the MarketFactory strategic anchors that define our business and what we offer our customers.



We held a Mediterranean dinner that night for our customers and FX participants at Bouquet restaurant in the NH Collection Tower Hotel.


We wrapped up on Wednesday with Al Crane speaking on the panel “The evolving FX market structure” where he shared his thoughts on the continued market fragmentation and that traders are increasingly looking to technology providers to know which FX venues are best for them. He also discussed the increasing amount of data available to the market, that there is scope for participants to look for increased granularity around pricing and trading, and to leverage bespoke connectivity options available via direct connectivity versus relying on grouped connections that may limit the relationship and often obscure the actual cost of delivery. Lastly, he talked about the fact that liquidity can appear plentiful when it isn’t needed but the speed and proliferation of machine driven pricing means that a lack of risk appetite can be expressed through highly sensitive pricing algorithms that can quickly recognize when it may be less advantageous to maintain a price level in the market during bursts of volatility.

We’ll be at TradeTech FX Miami in February!