Sibos 2019: Why liquidity in the FX markets is the next industry challenge

MarketFactory Executive Chairman, James H. Sinclair, moderated Sibos London’s first FX panel focused on liquidity. Panelists included: Chris Purves of UBS; Neill Penney of Refinitiv; Jeff Ward of CME Group and Dmitry Ilyaev of Commerzbank.

FX Week 2019 e-FX Award Winners Announced

Industry insiders have voted MarketFactory “Best Connectivity Provider of the Year” at FX Week’s 2019 e-FX Awards. MarketFactory CEO Darren Jer provides his thoughts on the win and the market.

Profit & Loss 2019 FoXy’s Winners Announced

Profit & Loss announced its 2019 FoXy Award winners and MarketFactory won “Best in Connectivity” for the forth year!

Marketfactory quoted in FX Week “FXPBs over-allocating credit to algorithmic and high-speed trading”

With over credit allocation serving as the norm, how can FXPBs manage risk without sacrificing speed? Industry heads weigh in the options and complications of industry solutions?

MarketFactory quoted in FX Week “Singapore’s edge in race between Asia’s FX hubs”

Singapore is beating Tokyo and Hong Kong in volumes, changing the FX trading landscape in Asia. What is it doing to make sure it’s No. 1?

MarketFactory quoted in Euromoney “FX: Making the Best of a Bad Situation”

Determining when a client is in distress is not always a straightforward process – banks and FX platforms need to have processes in place to ensure losses are not compounded.
Rants & Raves

An explanation on this year’s flash events

Twice this year (and its only February 25) the FX press shouted, “flash crash!”. Both events merit explanation as they were vastly different. We offer ours. Yen Flash Event – Did the Tail Wag the Dog? What caused the yen flash event? Could it really have been retail-led following a negative revenue announcement by Apple? […]

MarketFactory quoted in TheTrade “Data will be key differentiator for FX platforms amid consolidation concerns”

“Empirically there are a growing number of venues and every year it has grown. The reason for this is that the light regulation in FX means it’s a low barrier to entry and that we cannot predict what new ideas people will have,” said James Sinclair, executive director, MarketFactory.

Financial Times: Forex fears – Echoes of new year flash crash fuel investor anxiety over market liquidity

MarketFactory and Darren Jer, CEO, were mentioned in today’s Financial Times article “Echoes of new year flash crash fuel investor anxiety over market liquidity.” “Analysis from technology company MarketFactory shows that on January 2, a cluster of market participants wanted to sell their dollars in exchange for yen at the same time, paying a higher […]

eForex: The Once and Future FX Market

James Sinclair, executive chairman and co-founder, at MarketFactory contributed to the January 2019 e-Forex magazine and online version market commentary. The Once and Future FX Market The Christmas and New Year break provides an essential opportunity for compulsive hoarders, among whose number I must include myself, to review and dispose of old journals and press […]
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