Ex-EBS trio develops new distance latency product

By Moana Burt NEW YORK – Market Factory, a company formed by three former senior EBS figures, is developing a software product that could potentially be sold back to their former employer. Chief executive of Market Factory and former EBS head of research and strategy, James Sinclair in New York said that, while the company […]

Exclusive: Warp Factor comes to FX to “defeat the speed of light”

“There’s no point in FX of just setting up another ECN. What we’re doing is looking to help clients build better platforms for themselves or gain faster connectivity to the ones they want to deal on.” – James Sinclair, MarketFactory Since leaving Icap last summer, James Sinclair, Ed Howorka and Darren Jer have kept a […]

Lots of currency among brokers

By Emiliya (edited by) Mychasuk Fallout from ICAP’s acquisition of currency broker EBS continues with the departures of three senior brokers, shortly after EBS’ chief executive Jack Jeffery departed. In New York, James Sinclair, head of research, Ed Howorka, chief business risk officer, and Anton Aucamp, a marketing executive, have left the company. Source: Financial […]

Shock departures at ICAP

By Susanna Robinson and Saima Farooqi NEW YORK — Interdealer broker ICAP has witnessed the resignation of three senior members of the former EBS team, shortly after the departure of former chief executive Jack Jeffery. James Sinclair, head of research and strategy, Ed Howorka, chief business risk officer and Darren Jer, regional FX sales manager […]

ICAP Loses Another Three EBS Alumni

10 Jun 2007 Hot on the heels of the departure of Jack Jeffery, former chief executive of EBS, ICAP Electronic Broking has seen the departure of another three senior EBS officers a spokesperson for the company confirms. Ed Howorka, James Sinclair and Darren Jer are all said to have left the company, although in spite […]

Further leavers at ICAP follow resignation of EBS CEO

By Simon Falush LONDON, June 8 (Reuters) – The world’s largest interdealer broker, ICAP said on Friday that three senior managers have resigned from EBS, the electronic trading platform it bought for $775 million last year. James Sinclair, head of research strategy, Ed Howorka, chief business risk officer and Anton Aucamp, head of marketing and […]

EBS veterans decamp from ICAP

ICAP has confirmed market rumours that EBS veterans James Sinclair, Ed Howorka and Darren Jer have all resigned this week. In a statement, ICAP said: “As members of the EBS management team, James and Ed were instrumental in turning EBS into the pre-eminent spot FX platform that it is today and the development of ICAP […]
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