Pizza & Disclosed Venues

Here’s our final FX Poem to kindly ask for your vote for the P&L Readers’ Choice Awards…

         Pizza & Disclosed Venues


Everything got put to test, challenging our ability

Some passed with flying colors, some lacked connectivity
You picked up new skills in your home facility
Even boosted some of your creativity

Look for clippers, scissors, cut son’s hair –
I look like a punk now Mom, that’s unfair!
Buy all the flour in the store to prepare
Bread for the family to try if they darePubs are opening, how about a double or some brews?
Getting Done now is hard – even with RFQs
Pizzas, burgers and chips, all those bad foods
Your waistline’s widening like spreads on disclosed venues

With us you’re safe we’re on your team
You do the important quant, we give you latency esteem
We’ll upgrade your EBS to CME
Leave it to us while you have a cup of tea

What’s new on your list now, what’s next?
Judo with the missus or better put that to rest?
Haha let’s keep it simple, we don’t even get dressed
Vote MarketFactory – our connectivity is the best!

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