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Low-latency global infrastructure

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Customers can leverage MarketFactory’s global footprint for instant access to venues


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MarketFactory Nexus

With MarketFactory’s Nexus, data center financial cloud services become easy and seamless. All our clients need to bring is their trading model, MarketFactory can manage the rest. From direct cross-connects to market data/trading venues to high-speed lines between data centers, MarketFactory can offer almost instant access to our global network.Customers can leverage MarketFactory’s top of the line servers with configurations that can serve both CPU intensive and light-weight applications, and with the fully managed services monitoring/configuration of hosted services is fully handled by MarketFactory’s trading operations team.

MarketFactory Nexus

Nexus Exchange Connect

MarketFactory Nexus Exchange Connect

MarketFactory is cross-connected to all major ECN’s and liquidity providers in all primary FX data centers. Customers can leverage MarketFactory’s existing cross-connects for onboarding with minimum lead times.

Dedicated cross-connects can also be provisioned if requested.  Pricing is available for both dedicated and shared cross-connects.


Co-located in NY4, LD4, TY3, SG1, Aurora (CME)

Both dedicated and shared cross-connects available

1-10G single mode fibre for optimal performance based on bandwidth

Monitoring of customer bandwidth utilization

Nexus Low Latency Network

MarketFactory Nexus Low Latency Network

MarketFactory offers low latency dedicated point to point lines between all primary FX data centers. Customers can get high speed access to liquidity from different regions without having to provision their own circuits.

MarketFactory’s network is powered by Arista’s low latency switches with Corvil latency monitoring.


High speed circuits between data centers

Redundancy on all paths

Network features Arista switches (capable of bandwidth of1.28 terabits per second)

SolarFlare network cards

Instant provisioning of bandwidth

Monitoring of bandwidth and latency

Nexus Hosting

MarketFactory Nexus Hosting

Colocation is made easy with MarketFactory Nexus hosting options. Customers can choose between physical machines, virtual machines or installing your own hardware in our cage to leverage our low latency network, exchange connect, and improve performance on MarketFactory applications, Whisperer and Reflector. Hosted machines have access to PTP timing services, internet connectivity, and market data services.


Physical Machine options: 24 cores, 64GB RAM, feature SolarFlare cards (bandwidth up to 40Gbps)

Virtual Machine :Up to 20 cores

Separate NAS storage 10-40TB

GPS Grandmaster in each location

Customers also have option to use own machine

Nexus Managed Services

MarketFactory Nexus Managed Services

MarketFactory’s Managed Services gives customers access to the expertise of MarketFactory’s infrastructure team. Service includes smart hands, custom configuration and management of hosted services/networking, OS upgrades, CPU/load monitoring, and integration to MarketFactory Support alerting.


Custom hosting configuration

Data center smart-hands hours

Monitoring of hosted servers

OS upgrades