Artificial Intelligence and the IKEA flat pack

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be the buzzword of the moment. The term evokes strong feelings ranging from hope of improvements in the quality of life for millions of people, especially through advances in medicine, to fear of barely controlled algorithms that cannot explain their actions....

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Whitepaper: Foreign Exchange – Are We Really So Different

Let’s face it- we know the FX market is special. I’m here to tell you this is really so! Last year and the year before, many of us were heads down in the FX Global Code of Conduct. My role was to co-chair the working group that formulated the examples for the Code. More than once, I asked myself:...

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MarketFactory Flash Event Analysis

Click here to watch a 7 min. presentation of our analysis of the GBP/USD flash event from October 7, 2016, including what we learned compared to conventional wisdom. How MarketFactory can help protect market participants against losses associated with flash events:   MarketFactory is connected to...

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10 Foreign Exchange Predictions for 2018

 Bitcoin: the truth will be told. CME will launch futures on bitcoin on December 18. It will then be possible to short sell bitcoin attracting a new cohort of traders. There are parallels here tof the Japanese equities markets in the late 1980s (I lived in Japan at that time). Read my recent blog...

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