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An Ode to our New Mode

For the last five years, you elected us “Best in Connectivity.” To say thank you, I want to offer you a poem which will hopefully induce a chuckle.          An Ode to a New Mode          by Pajamas, bathrobes, online meetings, Kids at home, please stop screaming,Oops, my laptop […]
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An explanation on this year’s flash events

Twice this year (and its only February 25) the FX press shouted, “flash crash!”. Both events merit explanation as they were vastly different. We offer ours. Yen Flash Event – Did the Tail Wag the Dog? What caused the yen flash event? Could it really have been retail-led following a negative revenue announcement by Apple? […]

FXWeek: MarketFactory Secures Funding From Silicon Valley Investment Firm

Accel-KKR’s strategic investment will facilitate MarketFactory’s expansion into new markets and services MarketFactory has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Silicon Valley investment firm Accel-KKR, which will enable the foreign exchange technology platform to expand its range of services and into new markets globally. Accel-KKR focuses its investments on software and IT-driven middle-market companies […]

Darren Jer on The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast with Nathan Latka

MarketFactory co-founder and CEO, Darren Jer, was interviewed by Nathan Latka for his business podcast, The Top Entrepreneurs. Listen to this 20-minute podcast for: The story on how MarketFactory was started in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis How we enable FX trading Customer breakdown – 45% banks, 45% funds, 10% brokers Growth rates […]
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10 FX Predictions for 2019

Each year James Sinclair, executive chairman and FX veteran, shares his top 10 predictions for foreign exchange. Read this years predictions below:  Fragmentation will continue – and do so in four dimensions. Individual venues are fragmenting and offering additional models of trading, such as full amount. They are also experimenting with clearing, enabled by new […]
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2018 FX Predictions Report Card

In December 2017, I published 10 Foreign Exchange Predictions for 2018. Now that 2018 has come to a close, it is time for me to grade myself! Overall, I’m giving myself an A-, only receiving two bad grades! Bitcoin: the truth will be told. Grade = A Bitcoin is now trading at $3,800, about 75% […]

MarketFactory London Quiz Night

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us for our quiz night in London. We had a great time and and the competition was fierce. SEB and RBC tied for the lead after 10 rounds and had to be separated by a tie-breaker question. Well done to RBC who prevailed after getting closest to the […]

MarketFactory and Elysium Technology Group Partner to Provide Seamless Back Office and API Technology Integration to the Foreign Exchange Market

NEW YORK, NY October 24, 2018 MarketFactory, the industry-leading foreign exchange technology platform, announced today that their API, Whisperer, completed integration with Elysium Technology Group, a leading innovator in trade processing solutions for FX and futures, middle and back office product, Mission Control. A global investment bank was the first customer to go live with […]
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“Monitoring of Fast-Paced Markets” – some thoughts from the BIS paper

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published a new paper “Monitoring of fast-paced electronic markets” in September 2018. Whilst oriented to central banks’ own needs, it contains fascinating nuggets for us all. Among them are some of their observations on the role of “primary venues”, principally EBS and Thomson Reuters Matching (now a service of […]

Podcast: Profit & loss “In the FICC of It” featuring Al Crane

Al Crane, director of sales, at MarketFactory joined Profit & Loss at the Forex Network Chicago 2018 conference for their “In the FICC of It” podcast. Other guests included Jim Cochrane, head of North America sales at BestX and Peter-John Byrnes, vice president of networks and infrastructure at Elysium Technology Group. The group discusses data, […]
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