Traders Magazine: The Real Cost of the New EBS

Since CME acquired EBS in 2018 we have all been waiting to see how the technology would be integrated. EBS’s flagship product, EBS Markets, provides access to executable liquidity across more than 138 currencies.
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MarketFactory is now live in Singapore’s Equinix SG1

Singapore now joins the ranks of New York, London, and Tokyo as a major global foreign exchange trading hub. Following the initial SG1 launch, Equinix continued to expand and invest in Singapore committing an additional $144 million in December for an additional local data center.
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Confusion Reigns

The FX market, like many other long-standing markets, has been heavily changed from M&A activity. How does this impact connectivity? Confusion! Organizations that have been merged are rife with many versions of API specification documents. Systems are rarely retired, and it is extremely difficult to get the correct documents. Because of the M&A activity, the […]
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Being a disruptor doesn’t always work

The FIX protocol has existed since 1992 and being a protocol has a system of rules that govern the exchange of messages. But what happens when only part of the protocol is implemented?
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A proliferation of API’s

While it's perfectly expectable for each venue to have their own API, the challenges of connectivity become more difficult when each venue itself has multiple API's, with no clear delineation.
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360T GTX Maker

360T GTX Maker, formerly run by Gain Capital, has a FIX API that allows liquidity providers to price sweepable or full amount streams in NY4, LD4, and TY3. Their FIX API for market makers includes a non-standard feature where inbound orders contain a clOrdID (client order ID) value that’s the same identifier as the quoteID generated by […]
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The Importance of Adjusting LMAX Market Data by Region

LMAX Exchange offers FIX APIs for FX market making and taking in New York, London, and Tokyo. However, the data and the way it should be consumed differs depending on the region it’s taken from. Let’s take an example where a client is interested in seeing a 1,000,000 price in all three regions. In London […]

20 exchanges added via Fidessa

MarketFactory clients can now connect to Fidessa to access almost every single futures and derivative exchange globally. 

MarketFactory now supports CME spread trading

MarketFactory customers can now take advantage of spread trading on the CME. All types of spread trading are now supported.
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Pizza & Disclosed Venues

Here’s our final FX Poem to kindly ask for your vote for the P&L Readers’ Choice Awards…          Pizza & Disclosed Venues          by Everything got put to test, challenging our ability Some passed with flying colors, some lacked connectivityYou picked up new skills in your home facilityEven boosted […]
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