Erkin as Charles Baudelaire
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Pizza & Disclosed Venues

Erkin “Baudelaire” Rustamov Here’s our final FX Poem to kindly ask for your vote for the P&L Readers’ Choice Awards…          Pizza & Disclosed Venues          by Everything got put to test, challenging our ability Some passed with flying colors, some lacked connectivityYou picked up new skills in your […]
Eugene dressed as the famous poet John Milton
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The Ides of Covid

Eugene “Milton” Markman          The Ides of Covid          by As covid lead to volatility,It put a short on our mobility. We social distanced and joined zoom meetings,For work calls, happy hours, and family greetings. Yet FX remained resilient,And volumes hit levels that were brilliant. As markets move to Bull […]
Christian as the famous poet alexander pope
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An Ode to our New Mode

Christian “Alexander Pope” Reiss For the last five years, you elected us “Best in Connectivity.” To say thank you, I want to offer you a poem which will hopefully induce a chuckle.          An Ode to a New Mode          by Pajamas, bathrobes, online meetings, Kids at home, please […]
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An explanation on this year’s flash events

Twice this year (and its only February 25) the FX press shouted, “flash crash!”. Both events merit explanation as they were vastly different. We offer ours. Yen Flash Event – Did the Tail Wag the Dog? What caused the yen flash event? Could it really have been retail-led following a negative revenue announcement by Apple? […]
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10 FX Predictions for 2019

Each year James Sinclair, executive chairman and FX veteran, shares his top 10 predictions for foreign exchange. Read this years predictions below:  Fragmentation will continue – and do so in four dimensions. Individual venues are fragmenting and offering additional models of trading, such as full amount. They are also experimenting with clearing, enabled by new […]
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2018 FX Predictions Report Card

In December 2017, I published 10 Foreign Exchange Predictions for 2018. Now that 2018 has come to a close, it is time for me to grade myself! Overall, I’m giving myself an A-, only receiving two bad grades! Bitcoin: the truth will be told. Grade = A Bitcoin is now trading at $3,800, about 75% […]
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“Monitoring of Fast-Paced Markets” – some thoughts from the BIS paper

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published a new paper “Monitoring of fast-paced electronic markets” in September 2018. Whilst oriented to central banks’ own needs, it contains fascinating nuggets for us all. Among them are some of their observations on the role of “primary venues”, principally EBS and Thomson Reuters Matching (now a service of […]
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Takeaways from Chris White, hostage negotiator, talk at TradeTech FX Barcelona

First a confession: motivational speakers rarely motivate me. I often find their message shallow and too general to apply in practice. Chris White the hostage negotiator did, however, impress me. It may seem almost irreverent to compare a hostage negotiation with issues we encounter in our daily life, but by looking at the extreme situations […]
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The FX Market Looks Forward and the FX Global Code’s Impact

Pre Global Code   Do not click this Link! It is a gateway to an earlier, less correct time when chain smoking dealers deliberately moved the pound with scant regard for the (not yet published) FX Global Code of Conduct Principle 12. The year was 1985. The video is a BBC documentary, Billion Dollar Day, […]
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10 FX Predictions for 2018: A 6-month Report Card

In December 2017, I published 10 Foreign Exchange Predictions for 2018. We are now half way through 2018 so it is time to see how they are performing and to grade myself. Overall, I’m giving myself an A-, only scoring an F (for now) on one prediction. Bitcoin: the truth will be told. Grade = A […]
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