NEW YORK, NY May 23, 2018

MarketFactory, the industry-leading foreign exchange technology platform, announced today the broad release of their new software product Reflector, a pre-trade risk management solution used by banks, prime brokers and funds to ensure trading limits are never broken.

Reflector addresses the need for risk management software that eliminates installation for the client, works with any FIX API, and monitors and balances all limits and positions across all trading venues. Additionally, it checks all orders pre-trade with a latency impact under three microseconds 99.999% of the time and supports over 60 trading venues.

“Runaway algorithms or simply breaking a limit remain a major risk in an increasingly complex market,” said James Sinclair, Executive Chairman at MarketFactory. “We are very excited to see the positive impact that Reflector has for our customers. This includes both ensuring limits will be not be breached and allowing more efficient use of available credit.”

Today Reflector is live with about 10 customers. “Reflector seamlessly passes order messages to and from our LPs whilst giving both our prime broker and ourselves the peace of mind that rigorous controls on position and net open position are imposed pre-trade,” said Richard Allen, Head of Trading Systems and Liquidity at White Oak Asset Management. “Reflector operated perfectly after configuration and MarketFactory’s hardware implementation ensures that we achieve all this without imposing any significant additional latency burden on our trading system.”

MarketFactory’s software suite also includes, Whisperer, an API that connects 80+ foreign exchange venues for: taker, maker, spot, forwards, swaps, non-deliverable forwards and non-deliverable swaps. Whisperer is live with over 40 customers, including 25% of the Euromoney top 50 banks.

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About MarketFactory
MarketFactory is a financial technology company that provides software-as-a-service to currency markets. Our platforms power currency trading that seamlessly connects to 80+ FX venues, delivers ultra-low latency, improves time to market and enables risk monitoring. Currently, MarketFactory partners with over 100 banks, funds, brokers and ECNs/exchanges. MarketFactory has offices in New York City and London. For more information, please visit or follow us @MarketFactory.


Ashley Binford