We’re More Than a Fintech Company

We are not just a technology company providing solutions to 25% of the Top Euromoney banks, top algorithmic hedge funds and buy-side, but to the FX industry as a whole.

From engineering to sales and marketing, MarketFactory is a unique organization where all employees are encouraged and empowered to do their jobs with passion, creativity, and ownership.  Everyone is a thinker and a doer. We hope to make the industry better; do the right thing even if it doesn’t seem like it will make us more money (in the end, we hope it might).

Have the Right Stuff…Join Us

MarketFactory is growing and adding new opportunities daily.

Why MarketFactory

We don’t have ping pong tables and beer on tap, but we do have an amazing team and opportunities for you to grow your career! We figured it was better to hear from the team, so we asked, “Why do you enjoy working for MarketFactory?” And yes, someone said “money,” but he works in sales so it’s a given.

As the first employee to join MarketFactory, I’ve witnessed the company’s tremendous growth and have been fortunate to learn about all aspects of the business. There is hardly a dull moment here and you will be challenged to work and grow outside your comfort zone.
Christian Reiss

Director, New Business Sales - Americas

Passionate people. Not like Steve Ballmer getting on stage whooping and hollering. And everyone else has to whoop and holler because he did. Genuine passion is when you do the work because you like it. Because clients are depending on it and the financial ecosystem is depending on it. Your colleagues know you’re a safe pair of hands because you like what you do and you get it done.

Alistair Baillie

Director, Account Management - EMEA

Your job will have meaning
Other startups can go away and there’s not a huge impact to how global commerce is conducted, but here –  everything matters.

It’s a profitable early stage start-up
We are growing and that = opportunity and the work is always changing.  Here, the open plan offices, flat hierarchies, apolitical, GSD, open communication have purpose.

We admit we do not have a ping pong table or a break room, but hey that’s OK we actually get fresh air! However, we have great health insurance, PTO, 401K, team lunches etc.

You can be yourself
Diversity is a big part of our organization. We are comprised of unique personalities and this our output amazing.

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.
At the end of the day we are really a bunch of tech nerds and business junkies. And that’s who really we are.

My co-workers are friendly, helpful and smart
You’ll be able to solve problems without layers of bureaucracy, contribute to the growth of our company, and work closely with some of the smartest people in tech and business.

We all help each other out and genuinely like one another. No politics, no negative affirmation, no stealing credit for other people’s work. When we make mistakes, we say sorry and move on.

It’s not all transactional – relationships matter.
Our technology manages transaction.  But our relationships are anything but transactional, internally and with our customers.

You’ll learn so much about technology, business models, client’s, code, spreadsheets, xml, jira, confluence, negotiation, and growing a business.  Chances are it would take years to get at a bigger slower company and let’s face it, you’d be bored.

Eugene Markman

Director, Finance and Operations

Going to work slightly scared…that you might not be able to do something that you have to do.  And then doing it.  And then again the next day.  Faster.  Three months later,  you look back and think, “what? That was only three months ago?”

Nick Giovacchini

Trading Operations Manager

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