ForexThink’s Video Interview with MarketFactory

Check out James Sinclair’s exclusive interview by ForexThink and Groupe INSEEC London.  In this candid, in depth interview, James explores the future of Forex, the impact of social and mobile trading technologies, the rise of algorithmic trading.

In an excerpt from ForexThink’s post:
Forexthink is proud to present an exclusive interview with James Sinclair, one of the foremost thought leaders in the Forex and Fintech space. James is the CEO and co-founder of MarketFactory, a financial forex exchange technology company that provides feed handlers to the forex market.  In our exclusive interview with James….he expounds his views on these topics and a number of others related to the financial services industry and particularly the forex space, both in terms of where it has been, where it is right now, and how he sees it unfolding in future.

Some of the questions and topics included in the interview:

  • With the daily trading volume of the Forex market reaching $5.2 trillion in 2013, what do you see as being the most important considerations for the industry going forward?
  • New platforms such as FXall and Currenex have entered the market recently, some years after Reuters Matching and EBS launched.  What are your thoughts on the FX technology platforms ecosystem at the present time?
  • How do you see the emergence of new digital technologies such as Bitcoin in the content of FX Trading?
  • What directions do you see the Forex industry taking in future?
  • How do you think the new generation – one that has grown up with open data, no privacy, social media, and online gaming – will see the FX market?
  • With increasing number of new platforms, are there more opportunities for new ones?
  • Will the industry create more business and jobs?


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ForexThink's Video Interview with James Sinclair, ForexThink's Video Interview of James Sinclair

ForexThink in partnership with Groupe INSEEC London present:
Beyond Solutions Boardroom – Interview with James Sinclair, CEO of Market Factory
Filmed February 2014 at London Business School

Thanks to ForexThink for sharing this video with MarketFactory and its followers!