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Starting or Scaling a High Frequency Trading Firm or Desk

19 May 2011 Darren Jer, Head of Sales at MarketFactory, moderates a panel on the topic of starting or scaling a high frequency trading firm or desk at the P&L FX High Frequency Trading Workshop on May 19, 2011 in Chicago. Source: P&L Workshop
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Optimizing Latency in a Fragmented World

28 April 2011 Darren Jer, Head of Sales at MarketFactory, speaks on the topic of optimizing latency in a fragmented world at the A-Team Insight Event: The Business and Technology of Low-Latency Trading on April 28, 2011 in NYC. Source: A-Team Insight
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BIS Report & MarketFactory Presentation at the Profit & Loss conference in Chicago

The final draft of the 2010 Bank of International Settlements (BIS) survey was published last week. (The Sep release was just preliminary). None of the data changed at the top level. A significant piece of new data added is listed below in bold, the first bullet: – Market value of OTC FX positions almost doubled. […]
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High Frequency Trading in FX: Open for Business

By Sang Lee Extract from Aite Group’s Report: High Frequency Trading in FX: Open For Business While there is certainly a growing market demand for low latency trading infrastructure within the FX market, the FX market is relatively slow compared to the U.S. cash equities market (where the accepted level of latency has fallen below […]
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Equities vs. FX

Give an equities FIX specification to a decent programmer and if he codes to spec, you’ll have a pretty good connection to the ECN. Give an interdealer FX API specification to the same programmer and if he codes to spec, you’ll still be in the dark. Whereas the complexity in equities lies primarily in messaging […]
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Presentation at Profit & Loss Conference

By James Sinclair Click to Download the presentation, Timing is Everything. Source: Profit and Loss
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