MarketFactory offers low latency connectivity for FX

MarketFactory announced today the launch of Sherpa Connect providing ultra-low latency exchange and ECN connectivity architected specifically for the foreign exchange market. The third-party adapters currently available to connect clients with exchanges and ECNs often fail to take account of the unique data and market structures of foreign exchange. This leads to pre and post-trade […]

MarketFactory set to roll out data adapter

By Saima Farooqi NEW YORK – Technology vendor MarketFactory has announced it will begin rolling out a market data adapter for foreign exchange platforms and exchanges targeted at traders using application programming interfaces (APIs), in the third quarter. The adapter, called Sherpa Connect, converts the specific messaging protocols of different electronic communication networks (ECNs) and […]

MarketFactory launches Sherpa Connect

MarketFactory, the FX connectivity specialist set up by a number of EBS alumni, has unveiled its Sherpa Connect software code. The company says this FX-specific product provides full and correct interpretation of the data, translation into a flexible trading API and optional connection to third-party middleware to ease integration into existing trading infrastructure. “Correct interpretation […]
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