We won, thanks to you!

Thanks to you MarketFactory has won Profit & Loss Magazine’s ‘Best in Connectivity’ award for a fifth straight year. Not only that, but we’ve added ‘Best in Market Data’ to the accolades as well! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

When our sales team was not discussing connectivity latency with you, they were busy wooing the market with their meter and rhyme.  If you missed our campaign poems, it’s not too late to chuckle (or cringe):

An Ode to Our New Mode, by Christian Reiss

The Ides of Covid, by Eugene Markman

Pizza & Disclosed Venues, by Erkin Rustamov

The other big news this week is that EBS will be moving to CME’s MDP Globex platform and the EBS matching engine locations will be changing.  There will be a new multicast API for EBS Ai and EBS Ultra along with other new features.  For guidance and commentary on timeframes, scope, and decisions yet to be communicated by EBS/CME, feel free to reach out to our resident poets.