We're changing the biggest market in the world

The simplest platform for trading currency

We allow banks, brokers and funds to instantly trade on currency markets around the world via one API to 80+ trading venues.

We focus on the software and infrastructure connectivity so traders can focus on alpha-generation, pricing, hedging and risk management.

Customers write to MarketFactory’s API and sit back; we handle the cross-connects, network, hardware, software, latency monitoring and support as part of our software-as-a-service (SaaS). 

Lets Talk About Culture

We’re starters and doers.  Our culture is characterized by an innate desire to get new products to market – quickly, often, ship code, ship code, ship code…

Epic Technology Requires Epic Talent

We’re growing!  Check out our career opportunities today to see where we’re hiring and if you would like to join our team.

Sanjiv, Brendan, Ed, Alex, Vlad, Darren

Giving Back To The Community

Darren Jer and James Sinclair started MarketFactory with the intent to start giving, as soon as we started ‘getting’. We took the 1% pledge and created the MarketFactory Foundation with 1% of MarketFactory Inc’s equity. Throughout our journey so far we’ve encountered many opportunities to contribute to our local communities.

ACI UK Charity 2018



Pat Richie
The Table Group

Pat Richie is a consultant at The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni company dedicated to helping organizations, and the people who work within them, become healthier and more effective. The foundation of their teachings are in the book The Advantage. Pat has been an advisor to the MarketFactory management team since early 2017 with a focus on organizational health.

Pat works regularly with CEOs and executive teams to quickly and effectively apply the concepts captured in all of Pat Lencioni’s books.  He makes a strong connection with every client, illustrates Lencioni principles with distinctive strokes, and is known for helping organizations deal gracefully with very thorny issues and for challenging top teams to stay on top.