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MarketFactory was founded by Darren Jer and James Sinclair and is a company of software and financial markets engineers. Our code thoughtfully handles the messy differences between the 70+ trading venues in FX. We allow banks, brokers and funds to instantly trade on markets around the world with one touch.

Customers write to MarketFactory’s API and then sit back; we handle the cross-connects, network, hardware, software, latency monitoring and support as part of our software-as-a-service (SaaS). We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on trading.

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We’re starters and doers.  Our culture is characterized by an innate desire to get new products to market – quickly, often, ship code, ship code, ship code…

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We’re growing!  Check out our career opportunities today to see where we’re hiring and if you would like to join our team.

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