Trade FX in minutes

We’ve got friends in forex places: LD4, NY4, DC3, and TY3

You: write to our API


We: do the rest


Never again worry about cross-connects, bandwidth, latency monitoring, hardware, network, or support.

Add or subtract liquidity providers from any in our 60+ network.


Trade EBS, Reuters, HotSpot and others on the same screen

Try it yourself in our LAB. View trading venues individually or in an aggregated book.

MarketFactory’s FX GUI is simple and fast, provides many user-customisable features and is accessed completely from within an internet browser window using JavaScript with WebSockets and HTML5.

No hardware or software to install. Our GUI uses server side logic to ensure optimal connectivity to our network of venues.


The First Pre-Trade Limit Monitor in FX

No more runaway algos

MarketFactory’s FX Limit Monitor enables our clients to dynamically manage both FX market risk and FX credit risk across FX venues and their proprietary client trading platforms. The Limit Monitor works in REAL TIME, checking and filtering inbound and outbound FX price feeds across a variety of variables with little impact on latency. MarketFactory ensures our clients are never over-exposed.

Pre-trade risk checks in microseconds

Limit Monitor helps traders and prime brokers prevent potential mishaps.

  • Real-time, pre-trade checks against global limits across all venues

  • Set Net Open Position (NOP), Daily Settlement Limit (DSL), P&L

  • Customise limits on base currency, currency pair, trading entity, trading groups, netting, tiering, margining and more to capture complex relationships

  • Web and/or API administration

  • Safety checks: order size, throttle checks, quotes in the market, and pending limits


Stop on the Bid!
Ok on the Offer!

Hosting & Network Services

Connecting the dots between your liquidity providers

Flexible options for connectivity

Cross-connect to us once and we’ll give you access to all liquidity providers globally. If you can’t connect to us, we’ll connect to you. No more networking headaches or long-haul circuit delays. It’s all part of MarketFactory’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), low-latency cloud platform.

Our network has been in continuous operation for over 5 years. We subscribe to every major FX ECN, exchange and bank venue, receiving millions of market data messages, orders, and trade captures, resulting in billions being transacted daily.

MarketFactory can provide clients with co-location hosting in the core ECN datacentres all around the world with either dedicated or partial servers.

Connections can be provisioned in less than a week.

Speed your time-to-market by 10x

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