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Unifying a fragmented FX market

Once upon a time, connecting to a handful of electronic FX brokers delivered all the FX liquidity and market data one needed.  Today, to receive adequate forex data and to trade forex profitably, firms needs access to a broader range of institutional counterparties via a myriad of venues.

The cost of implementing and supporting connections to all these FX platforms is high. Acquiring and retaining the skill and technology to ensure that data and orders are optimally captured submitted and distributed, is far from easy even for leading FX institutions. MarketFactory’s FX trading platform resolves these issues, helping firms to maximise their trading potential.

50+ venues via one connection – The MarketFactory API

MarketFactory’s cloud based FX aggregator service enables you to quickly connect to our network of liquidity providers via our online trading application or via the MarketFactory API. Our platform gives you access to over 50 FX venues; every forex platform you need in the way you need it.

You can be ready to trade within 15 minutes; our API is available for immediate download – simply request a demo account and register. Our API is available in C++ on Linux, Java and C#.

We simplify your set-up and speed your time to market to ensure you get the most from your FX trading.

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